Golden Gate Ferry Terminal

101 East Sir Francis Drake Bl.

Chargers (sm paddle): V [5 kw]
Cond. Chg: 2
Map grid: 586-H5
Lat: .0 37.945
Lon: 19 -122.508

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Located on East Sir Francis Drake Blvd. just east of Highway 101. From northbound 101, take the San Anselmo/ Richmond Bridge exit and follow the signs directing you east toward the Richmond Bridge. The terminal is on the right. From southbound 101, take the Kentfield/SFD Blvd. exit, turn left onto Drake and cross under 101. The terminal is on the right.

The two chargers are installed at the end of parking row H nearest the dock, on the north side of the lot. Both are powered-up and working. They're positioned between parking spaces, so that each charger is reachable from two spaces. (One of the spaces, the end-most one, is a converted motorcycle slot - tight, but usable for an EV1.) There's a green EV-only sign above each charger, and the four spaces are marked with green lines. One of the two chargers is potentially reachable from two parking spaces behind it, though these aren't reserved.

A friendly (and curious) GGT employee came out to look at the car and see the chargers in action. As the Larkspur lot overflows on week days, and I fear that ICE poaching may be a problem, I asked him about their parking enforcement. He said that GGT isn't empowered to ticket cars, but that both CHP and the Twin Cities (Corte Madera/Larkspur) PD had jurisdiction there and issued tickets for the existing blue handicapped slots. Perhaps they'd be willing to do likewise for the EV slots, if that becomes necessary. Hopefully, it won't.

For those unfamiliar with the area: in addition to the obvious option of taking the ferry down to the SF Financial District, there's also an elevated walkway from the terminal to the Larkspur Landing shopping center, which has restaurants, shops, and theaters to kill time in while charging. This is a big improvement over the Saturn of Marin and Saturn of Santa Rosa charging sites, which unfortunately offer little in the way of nearby distractions.

Many thanks to the folks who worked to get the Larkspur site installed!

Ferry information and a schedule are available from the GGT Web site:

-- Jerry Hudgins 3/16/99