Sky Harbor Airport - Terminal 2*

Daily Parking (Ground Level)

Chargers (lg paddle): 2
Map grid:
Lat: 33.43526
Lon: -112.01473

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THIS LOCATION WAS UNDER CONSTRUCTION AS OF 03/14/98 Sky Harbor Airport is in Phoenix. Two MagneChargers are in the terminal 2 parking garage in the DAILY PARKING area. They are on the north edge of the ground level to the west of the ramp to the upper level. One conductive charger with 2 cords and connectors is between the two inductive chargers. This location is particularly well designed. Each inductive charger will reach two spaces and the two conductive cords will reach any of three spaces. Parking rates are $1.00 per 1/2 hour, $7.00 per 24 hours and a $7.00 lost ticket fee. (verified 03/14/98)

-- Ed Battershell