Costco San Diego (Rancho Bernardo)

12350 Carmel Mountain Rd.
San Diego

Chargers (sm paddle): 2
Map grid: 170-A7
Lat: 32.98643
Lon: -117.07809

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Site description: West of Carmel Mountain Rd and south of Rancho Carmel in Price Club Plaza (Costco was formerly The Price Club before the merger with Costco.)

Charger description: Two adjacent pedestal chargers against the south side of the main building west of the food court area and across from the tire center building.

What to do while waiting: This is one of the better Costco locations, in that other stores and restaurants are just a short walk away.

Entry by: Phil Karn, 5 June 1998

From the North (Escondido) Exit I-15 at Camino Del Norte going south (crossing the freeway); turn right on Carmel Mountain Rd. COSTCO is located on the right.

From the South (San Diego); exit Carmel Mount Rd. go north (not crossing the freeway); the COSTCO is on the left past the regional post office.

This COSTCO two Inductive and Conductive charges.

NOTE: The address is San Diego - but locals would know this as Rancho Bernardo

-- John Giroux 6/7/98